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    About Rick Blood

    I have been in the mental health field as a counselor for nearly 30 years.  Life coaching now gives me the ability to use that experience to help dads to be the parent their children deserve.

    Growth is difficult! My initial goal in coaching is to provide a positive and non-judgmental atmosphere where clients can face difficult issues. Our focus will be on moving forward into the future.  If issues arise from the past that impede that progress, we’ll deal with them. Those issues will be used as lessons and challenges, not roadblocks

    While I am a Christian, I am happy to work with people from any religious background.

    I grew up in the Treasure Valley where I still live with my brilliant, amazing daughter. When not in the office, I enjoy spending time in the gym, hiking/running, cooking with friends, or woodturning.

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    My Values


    I have kept client's information confidential and secure for over 30 years.  Your information as a coaching client will be treated with the same diligence.


    While I have experience and information, you are the expert on yourself and your situation.  Between the two of us, we will discover and develop your path.


    Sometimes life kicks us around.  We all go through lows and stuck points. I've been through my own struggles. Let me help you through yours.


    We're all the same. We just have different experiences and struggles. I know the dings and dents life has left on me. Yours are no different.

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