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  • The most important job you’ll ever have!

    I coach single dads who are struggling to raise healthy, happy kids.  I’m a single dad too! I get it! Do your kid’s behaviors confuse you?  Does discipline devolve into anger and yelling? Does coparenting feel like reopening a wound every time you need to communicate?  Does balancing work, time with the kids, keeping up the house, and having a social life seem like a lost cause?

    Let me help!  I spent 30+ years as a therapist. I have seen and helped people through just about everything. Let my experience and training support and extend what you are already doing well.

    By the time we are done you will:

    – Have a better understanding of why your kids are “acting that way.”

    – Develop a more effective way of communicating, teaching, and disciplining your children.

    – Set appropriate boundaries for interactions with your co-parent.

    – Deal with the grief, anger, and confusion of losing that relationship.

    – Organize your time and surroundings so that life feels more in control.

    – Get yourself settled enough so that, when it’s time, you’ll be ready to find someone new.

    Coaching is a professional relationship, but it is also a friendly one. 

    Psychology has recognized since the 1950’s that unconditional positive regard for others is a necessary and powerful catalyst for change.  I try to create an environment where you can feel comfortable, safe, and engaged. Whatever you don’t think is going well, we’ll find ways for you to improve and repair.  Whatever you are already doing well, we’ll strengthen and develop.

    As a therapist for 30+ years, I supported people who were struggling with (to name a few):

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Trauma and abuse
    • Couples/Relationship issues
    • Parenting
    • Adolescent issues
    • Anger Management, and
    • Grief

    Please recognize that these issues are frequently not a sign of mental illness, but just part of the experience of being human.  We all will struggle with some combination of these at some point in our lives. I can help.

    About Rick Blood

    I have been a practicing counselor in the Boise area for nearly 30 years.  I have recently turned my focus to life coaching as a way to support clients in reaching their full potential.

    I live in the Treasure Valley with my brilliant, witty teenage daughter. When not working I enjoy woodturning, cooking with friends, exercise, and reading.